Life Enhancement Workshops

Mindfulness in Everyday Life:
Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention without resistance. The benefits of Mindfulness are multifold.  It can impact our being to enhance focus, be present, feel connected with ourselves and our world, bring emotional balance, clarity in thought and find action through greater awareness.

The class explores different stages of developing a ‘mindful practice’ from simple awareness to everyday activity, to breath or body awareness practices like walking meditation, and also subtle awareness like mindfulness of thought and emotion.

This workshop can help us embrace mindfulness as a easy meditative practice and to discover firsthand the tremendous sharpness to senses, relaxation and restfulness it can bring to us.

Mastering Relationships:
A relationship is between two separate individuals who have different experiences, opinions and views. Relationships form the crux of our lives – be it a business or personal relationship – it is a complex area requiring greater understanding and application.

Mastering Relationships is a workshop that provides awareness into principles governing interpersonal relationships. Through insights and contemplations we will explore resolving and handling conflict and hurt, which create distance, and look at tools for nurturing connection and better communication in relationships.  The workshop will leave you with simple ideas to have fulfilling relationships.

Stress Dissolution:
Stress is not just caused by our external circumstances. Our levels of stress also depend on the way we ‘perceive’ a situation and our attitude or approach to stress itself.

In the Stress Dissolution workshop we apply this understanding to look at our stressors and understand the root cause of stress within us. The workshop will expand our awareness and thought, creating a holistic understanding of stress and give us ideas, practices and techniques for relaxation to release stress. 

The workshop will also help us understand ‘Right Life Balance’ in the individual context; to cultivate balance of the mind and body – to approach and deal with stressful situations in a calm and proactive way.

Discovering Core Strengths and Values:
Our core values and beliefs make us who we are.  They bind and determine our life views and philosophies, which constantly define our attitude and approach to life.  As such fundamental elements of who we are, it is important to be in touch with these aspects of ourselves to bring growth and fulfillment in our endeavors.

This workshop helps you with space for introspection, to identify your real strengths and values to help you consciously apply them in different areas of your life and set realistic goals to take yourself to the next level of growth.  This clarity will help to dispel perceived strengths and acquired values which may be unhelpful in our growth or a hindrance to our happiness.

We also learn tools to integrate and strengthen our core values to bring overall success in every realm of our life.

Creating and Sustaining Positive Habits:
A human being is full of habits.  We are conscious of some, however we are largely unconscious of many of our habits because they have become so automatic to us. Physiologically we function in this way because habits make living in complicated environments simpler. 

However, as we become conditioned to them physically, mentally and emotionally, if we continue in them our habits can cause us harm when they no longer serve us helpfully.
The Creating Positive Habits workshop helps us understand the psychology behind our habits.  Through contemplation and reflection, we delve into our ‘Habit Mind’ and look at the thoughts and emotions that power these habits. 

This understanding helps us bring greater attention to letting go of debilitating habits and gives energy and direction towards creating and sustaining positive habits.

Finding Emotional Balance:
Our emotions as well as our thoughts are central to our experience of life.  Sometimes our lifestyle, stressful events and situations, lack of rest or even physical ailments can slowly disrupt our inner emotional balance.

The Finding Emotional Balance workshop is focused on creating a greater awareness of our emotional states enabling us to take simple steps to regain balance and happiness.  The workshop is a combination of teachings that help us to understand the nature of the mind and emotions, simple tools of awareness to let go of debilitating emotions, as well as insightful meditations to cultivate emotional balance and create a positive emotional state. 

Group workshops take place throughout the week as part of Kamalaya’s Weekly Holistic Activity Schedule.

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