Life Enhancement Sessions

Personal Mentoring:
The personal mentoring sessions at Kamalaya help to create a truly holistic healing experience bringing balance to the mental, emotional and spiritual realms.  In these sessions your mentors will help you become free of conflicting and repetitive responses that may arise from deeper emotional habits.  You will be guided through powerful insights and contemplative practices to strengthen awareness so that you may experience freedom. These sessions can help build focus and clarity, make life changes and take decisions from a place of confidence, and feel connected in relationships.  Our mentors will also take you through a healing experience to a place of acceptance and integration with oneself and the past, enabling greater fulfillment in the present.

Stress Management:
Stress is not just caused by our external circumstances. Our levels of stress depend on the way we perceive an event or situation as well as our attitude or approach to stress itself. The stress management sessions at Kamalaya focus on finding the root causes of stress. Our mentors guide you with the appropriate philosophies to help handle stress, giving tools and practices to release stress and helping you to find right life balance in your individual context, enabling you to approach and deal with stressful situations in a calm and proactive way.

Mind Body Balance:
These sessions are about restoring balance in the inner world, which directly affects our physical realm and our ability to connect to rhythms of restfulness and relaxation in the mind and body.   Our mentors will assist you in identifying and dealing with emotional or mood disturbances that have a somatic effect like insomnia, restlessness or exhaustion.  Through a combination of counseling to deepen understanding and techniques to provide relief from these symptoms, these sessions bring you back to a state of equilibrium and balance.

Simple and Esoteric Meditations:
Meditation is a means of transforming the mind.  Meditations can be techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, calmness and emotional positivity. The practice of meditation can also help us to reach profoundly peaceful, energized and expanded states of mind and heart. Such experiences have a transforming effect, deepening self-awareness and enabling us to develop a new understanding of ourselves and our lives. 

Whether you are a beginner wishing to explore meditation for the first time or someone who already meditates regularly and wishes to deepen your meditative practice or learn more advanced esoteric meditations, the personal
sessions lead by our mentors will help you explore your aspirations and discover an enjoyable practice.

Some techniques offered:
• Direct and Continuous Attention meditations
• Vipasana, Awareness meditations and Mindfulness techniques
• Chakra Balancing and Kundalini Awakening meditations
• Contemplative meditations for Expansion - Loving Kindness and Compassion meditations

The mind, body and breath are intimately connected influencing each other all the time.  Pranayama is a set of breathing techniques through which we are able to regulate our breath consciously to balance and maximize the flow of energy (prana) in the mind and the body.  These techniques help to calm and balance the mind and reduce anxiety and stress.  With regular practice Pranayama can be highly therapeutic – enhancing immunity, soothing the nervous system, improving digestive health, restoring rhythms of sleep and restfulness, cleansing the body of toxins and aiding health and vitality.  Personal Pranayama sessions will be adjusted to suit your needs and levels of experience.

Some techniques offered:
• Basic Pranayama and Breath Awareness for Relaxation
• Advanced Bandhatreya Pranayama for Increasing Energy
• Fast Breathing Kapalabhatti for Digestive Health
• Cooling Pranayama such as Shitakari and Sheetali

Personal one-to-one sessions are available on our Holistic Spa Menu and can be booked on an a la carte basis at the resort – they also feature in many Kamalaya wellness programs.

For more information on Kamalaya’s holistic wellness programs please click here » or email info(at)

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