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Marie Claire, Australia
Burnout Busters By Jessica Montague

Work-related exhaustion, fatigue and stress can hit you like a bus. But burnout can be avoided with these daily mindfulness techniques
Quiet Your Mind By Larissa Thorne

3 of the best Meditation tips from Rajesh Ramani from Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary

Mindfood, Australia
Spirited Away By Natasha Dragun

A meditation and life-enhancement mentor at holistic Thai wellness retreat Kamalaya, Rajesh Ramani shares the importance of nurturing your spirit as well as your body.

AsiaSpa Magazine, Hong Kong
Spa Professional Rajesh Ramani: Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary By Zoe Louise Cronk

Rajesh Ramani has had a remarkable career in spiritual philosophy, healing people worldwide from top politicians and celebrities to the locals of rural villages. With work spanning 16 years and as many countries, the life transformation expert and esoteric meditations teacher can now be found at the luxurious Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, a resort that echoes his passion for spiritual teaching.

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