Mental and emotional healing can play a big part in supporting changes in your life, including physical changes. At Kamalaya, our Meditation and Life Enhancement Mentors work with our team of health practitioners in the wellness sanctuary to help guide you and will provide stress management strategies and healing modalities to suit your individual needs.

Rajesh Ramani

Rajesh Ramani, a life enhancement mentor and teacher, has trained and worked in spiritual philosophy for the past 18 years. He has traveled widely and has addressed diverse audiences across the globe, helping to bring balance in the philosophies and perceptions of individuals and more »

Smitha Jayakumar

Smitha Jayakumar was drawn to explore spiritual philosophy when she was doing her graduation in Nutrition and Dietietics. This life changing experience inspired her to recourse life and for 10 years Smitha volunteered – teaching and guiding people in their individual journeys and more »

Sujay Seshadri

Sujay Seshadri, a personal coach and life skills trainer, is inspired by the vision of making a difference to individual lives and hence the world at large. Having been exposed to esoteric spiritual truths and with deep insights in the intricacies of the human mind, Sujay has for the last 16 years more »

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‘Building the Life Balance and Happiness muscles’

We are looking for tools and practices which can bring more balance in our life .....
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