Life Enhancement – Helping to find Right Life Balance

There is a constant process of transformation happening in all of us through life experiences. Some transformations happen over a long period of time; while others are faster. Is it possible to consciously make this transformation happen?

Yes, it is possible for us to consciously create the space to make changes in our lives.

The process of opening oneself to making these changes has three major aspects to it:
1.    Recognition – awareness of your present state and emotions
2.    Non-violence – allowing the experiences to take place within us without push and pull
3.    Action – following practices to create and sustain a fresh way of life

Kamalaya’s team of Life Enhancement Practitioners and Personal Mentors can help to create this space of openness, awareness and understanding, with one-on-one sessions that help to address immediate and long-term growth needs.

Our mentors will guide you through a set of custom made teachings, tools, techniques and healings based on your needs and help you address growth in the following areas:
·    Mindfulness in everyday life
·    Mastering relationships
·    Stress dissolution
·    Finding right life balance
·    Rediscovering core strengths and values
·    Healing past emotions
·    Becoming free of debilitating habits
·    Creating and sustaining positive habits
·    Finding emotional balance

Personal one-to-one sessions are available on our Holistic Spa Menu and can be booked on an a la carte basis at the resort – they also feature in many Kamalaya wellness programs.  Group workshops take place throughout the week as part of Kamalaya’s Weekly Holistic Activity Schedule.

For more information on Kamalaya’s holistic wellness programs please click here » or email info(at)

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