• 10.10.2016

Motivation and Growth – a fulfilling approach

What motivates you?  What propels your growth?

Is it the fear that you could fail; is it the fear that you would be a nobody; that you will not be respected or that you will be left behind? What motivates you is as important as where that motivation takes you.

We all need to grow constantly. Without growth we will be stunted – we would settle behind a comfort zone and rust away slowly.

Most of us are focused on where we want to be and not on which fuel do we use to get there. Many of us use negative self criticism and fear as our fuel for motivation and growth – and they are powerful motivators. The fear of losing keeps us on our toes. The self critical nature makes us feel inadequate and hence propels us forward. It is possible to be successful using these fuels, but what is the cost that we pay for using these energies as fuel?

Fear precludes fulfillment and happiness. It doesn’t allow us to stop and enjoy the fruits of our work. It constantly creates a feeling of ‘not enough’. Whether it is the amount of achievement or the quality of achievement, a drive coming from negative self-criticism and fear will never allow you to rest. After a point this self criticism and fear become habits and work for their own survival. If we continue to live on this form of fuel, we need to kick ourselves in the butt every time we need to move forward.

Why can’t we try the fuel of appreciation and fulfillment? Instead of self-criticism we can use self- appreciation.

Create a drive from a happy place and it will propel you forward without negative aftermaths. For every forward step you take, let there be an acknowledgement and appreciation. We could focus on the good feeling associated with completing a task. Let the good feelings motivate our growth and help us towards fulfillment and happiness.
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