• 12.12.2016

Meditating is Living by Sujay Seshadri

We begin our lives as a fragile being that needs all the attention and care necessary to survive, learn and grow. Under this protective umbrella we begin as explorers experiencing the myriad sights, sounds, tastes, textures and smells. We live in a rich and exciting world of wonder where no labels, commentaries and opinions are yet acquired. Every experience captivates our undivided attention.  

All this ends one day when we realize that the love we received is no more unconditional. It is then that our attention gets divided between the experiences before us and ‘How do I get back that care’ or ‘how do I avoid a painful experience again’ and ‘what my action needs to be in order to not lose love’. In simple words we have started thinking and planning. We have entered a world filled with threats and challenges and our incessant need to be good enough to meet our needs for love and security. After managing wave after wave of challenges there are few moments when we stop and see how disenchanted we have become.

We wait for all our challenges and threats to wither away and that would be the day when we can get back to being alive and happy. The question is, is that day ever going to come? Or even if it does come, are we going to allow ourselves to enjoy it without being nervous about finding ways to make sure we don’t lose it?

The solution lies in realizing how happiness is never possible as long as we have a secret agenda. It is simply by letting the senses get their well deserved undivided attention and energy, so that they stimulate the brain enough until we feel alive and enchanted again. Meditation is not a practice for achieving happiness or peace but a practice of allowing ourselves to be what we truly are, a living being.
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