• 08.02.2016

The Idea Of 'Letting Go' by Rajesh Ramani

Almost every spiritual or personal development book talks about 'letting go'. The idea of 'letting go' is the one most commonly used and the least understood. All of us believe we know what it is about. But if I ask you to present it precisely, there will be a hesitation and self-doubt.

Most of us call the 'process of trying to let go' as 'letting go'. Observing this process over years, I have seen just using the concept of 'acceptance' or 'letting go' is another trick of the mind to continually indulge in resistance.

If you observe those emotions, events or things that you have really let go, it has been a kind of 'happening'. It seems as though the 'letting go' didn't happen with any big effort. It happened when you sort of STOPPED RESISTING whatever was there.

The process of letting go, I would say, needs a passive effort. The effort is only in observing how you are – fighting, trying to fit into a framework, blaming and/or feeling guilty.

In the observation of the arguments, counter-arguments and emotions the mind realizes the futility of the whole effort and drops it silently.

"Letting go is the silent dissolution of a tiny part of the mind".
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