• 14.12.2015

Balance And Imbalance by Rajesh Ramani

In every one of my classes I talk about Balance. Balance in emotions; lifestyle balance; balance in effort etc. Most people seem to understand the idea behind these words.

One particular conversation with a gentleman in Stockholm made me contemplate more on this concept. After my presentation for the need of a lifestyle balance, he came up to me and said, "I personally am not in favor of what you say. Life needs both balance and imbalance. I have learnt a lot through moments of imbalance. There needs to be pain, loss and suffering for continual growth".

Do you agree with his observation?

Of course I did!

Then what is the balance we are talking about?

Life is a movement and flow. This flow is the balance we are talking about. Life already is 'finding balance'. Life exists only in this balance. There is a continuous flow of events, thoughts, perceptions etc… Each one of these events is again influenced by many other factors. Balance in life means becoming aware of this process or flow without push or pull.

It doesn't mean that we don't have negative or painful experiences. You suffer when you struggle with this process. When you learn to be aware and enjoy this process, everything falls into place. Life balance doesn't take away challenges, but rather equips you to handle them better and flow with them.

"Action arises from the awareness of this flow; the flow of 'finding balance".
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